Dafni Kek (Greece)

DAFNI KEK is a private organisation established in 1996 by a team of experts coming from various fields of education and job industries. The core perspective of the institution is to serve the reciprocal and critical consciousness of all involved in the lifelong learning voyage respecting the multiple roles and social status of the adults in relation to that; unemployed or employed/retired, parents or educators all symbolic representatives from a broader scope of cultures and lifestyles shall be included. In order to realize this notion awareness of the ‘need’ is put in the core of the practices taking part; either by skills development (short Training Planning and Courses on demand) or / and through the critical human exchange of ideas and values reflective process (as citizens of a democratic milieu) by applying Adult Education action research procedures . DAFNI KEK operates in strong connection with the local community by involving them as members and / or beneficiaries of its activities as Learning Centre and in order to facilitate the co-existence of indigenous population with significant Roma / migrant population in the area.

Adress Elaiochorion Dytikis Achaias, Nik. Nteve 22, Ovria 26500 Patras, Greece
Phone +30 26 930 611 32
E-mail info (at) kekdafni.gr