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The research phase of the InnoVal project on the state of the art of the use of alternative assessment methods for validation across Europe was concluded with interesting findings and useful outcomes. This first phase of the project included an online consultation targeted at validation practitioners, a study based on the individual’s perspective identifying the needs of the specific InnoVal target groups and a literature review leading to a final Needs Assessment report.

The InnoVal Online Consultation Analysis, carried out by EUCEN, pointed out the most important barriers and enablers on the use of alternative assessment methods by reaching out to practitioners and organisations active in the field of validation of NFIL. The identification of the specific barriers and enablers is useful for the development of concrete policy recommendations targeted at both practitioners and policy makers. You can find and download the publication here:

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Mapping the Needs of InnoVal Target Groups: The Individuals Perspective, is a study carried out by Dafni Kek, investigating the specific needs of disadvantaged groups such as migrants, refugees, early school leavers and long-term unemployed. The identification of the learners’ needs is in line with the direct, context-related experience that Dafni Kek, an adult education provider in a rural area of Greece has built for more than 20 years in the field of non-formal Continuing Vocational Education and Training, cooperating with a large number of learners. You can find and download the publication here:

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InnoVal Needs Assessment is a report carried out by EIESP, complementing the previous two reports and setting the outline of the state of the art regarding the implementation of alternative assessment methods for validation of NFIL across Europe. The report focuses on the “suppliers’ side”, by proceeding with a careful literature review and by building on the results of the previous studies that were carried out in the framework of InnoVal project. You can find and download the publication here:

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InnoVal 3rd Partner Meeting: Athens 04-06 October 2017

The 2nd partner meeting of the InnoVal project  took place on 04-06 October 2017 in Athens, Greece.


Representatives from the 6 partner organisations (LLLP, Dafni Kek, ANESPO, EIESP, UCLL, EUCEN) gathered to summarise the work that has already been done in the framework of the project and also to plan and agree on the future steps of the project work. The collection of best practices on the use of alternative assessment methods in countries like Belgium, Greece, Belgium, France, Finland and Portugal is ongoing. The identified cases so far demonstrate, important and useful elements that will feed the Training Programme which is under development.

The next important benchmark of InnoVal is its Training Programme which will be integrated in the project’s website and will be targeted to validation practitioners. Its objective will be to foster a better understanding on the benefits of the use of alternative assessment methods, especially when they target disadvantaged groups such as refugees, migrants, long-term unemployed and early school leavers. The Training Programme will be piloted in 4 workshop sessions which will take place in four different countries gathering in total 60 participants. The first pilot workshop will take place in November in Barcelona, organised by EUCEN.

As part of the meeting a roundtable with representatives of local authorities (the city of Athens), NGOs, universities and education centres was organised. The InnoVal consortium had the chance to present the project’s work and to discuss issues and exchange ideas concerning the validation of NFIL, especially when it comes to refugees and migrants with experts working in the field.